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Mermaids Collection

Imagine her, the beautiful mermaid of your fantasy ...

Imagine her, the beautiful mermaid of your fantasy ...

What type of jewelry is she wearing? ... That made of treasures collected from sunken Galleons ... gemstones , gold, pearls ... and the sea floor ... shells, coral, and precious objects.
Perhaps you are not a mermaid, but one can imagine ... and this necklace came of those imaginings in Carol’s designing mind ...

Each necklace is a unique assemblage of gemstones, pearl, shell, coral ... 18k gold, and sterling silver ... the possibilities are endless and ever evolving, resulting in jewelry that is as unique as it’s wearer. Michael and Carol often work directly with clients to design the perfect combination of colors, favorite / sentimental gemstones, etc. to suit that persons desires.

An important aspect of these pieces is to combine an intriguing mix of stone quality - not only color, but texture, light ( translucent - opaque ), shape, reflection, sparkle, ... there is a lot going on subliminally when this piece catches your attention and you feel delight .... The harmony, the magic of an aesthetically pleasing ornament. The detail of the designers signature “piercing” work on the back plates, so when the baubles turn and move there is interest. Surprise.

The Mermaids collection evolves and flows. Necklaces are typically 16-18” to the toggle, from which drops the cascade of intricately set treasures.