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Carol Schwarz


For Carol, the natural beauty of Maui is an obvious influence upon her creativity. The flowing lines and colorful gemstone combinations of her designs embody the essence of the islands landscapes, from lush tropical jungle, to multi-hued sunset skies, to the mingling of coastal blues, greens and blacks. 

Her bamboo inspired jewelry collection has evolved over the last 20 years to the point where collectors consider it a must to acquire a new piece on each visit to the islands.

"For me, jewelry fabrication is a meditation. When I sit at my workbench, gemstones, shells, beach stones, gold and silver become my palette. I let go of the busy workings of the world and let my visceral side take control. I’m so plugged into nature, living here in Maui, off the grid, surrounded by abundance and beauty, rich colors, sunset skies with dancing hues beyond imagination, frothy beach wave diving with my daughter for shells - precious jewels to be set in gold - sleeping sounds of gecko’s, waking to mina birds dancing on the metal roof. I walk from house to studio - solar power, catchment water - passing rain squalls, the many greens of the jungle, endless ocean vistas.
Yes, I’m plugged in. I am gifted with the skill of my hands, and a natural sense of harmony and balance in design, and from my parents, exposure to Art Nouveau and turn of the century craftsmanship awakened in me the desire to create. The Mana of this land flows through me and inspires my collections of work: Bamboo motif, Mermaids - Ocean Treasures, Po’haku ( beach stone ) , and Maui Nouveau. Hammer, file, flame and saw. I hand make each piece of finely crafted jewelry, starting with alloying my own gold - rolling out the sheet and wire. I experience so much joy from this ability to create alchemy. Many of my collectors sense this chemistry. They, in turn, share my joy, and bring my process to completion. I’m so grateful to be able to connect with people who really “get what I’m doing”. By purchasing my work, they allow me to continue my creative process and spread happiness out into the world!"

Born in St. Louis, Mo., Carol lived in California, Atlanta,Ga.,Louisiana, North-east U.S., and the British West Indies, before moving to Maui in 1982. -In 1991 she began her educational path into metal smithing. Her training came mostly through self exploration. With the support of a mentor, a few classes at a local art center, and a one year stint working in the studio of a trained goldsmith, Carol’s skills brought her to her current status as an established jewelry designer /goldsmith. Her work is currently represented by Maui Master Jewelers in the town of Makawao, as well as continuing to be a featured artist with the prestigious juried art program at the Four Seasons Resort Maui, Hawaii, for more than 13 years. -Juried art exhibitions: Hawaii Craftsmen, Art Maui, The Atlanta Arts Festival.

Member: Society of North American Goldsmiths, Maui Metal Arts Guild.